Wolf-Shifters are humans that transform into wolves due to a magical curse.

Throughout the series, wolf-shifters, werewolves and succubi appear in the most episodes.

Due to an infectious curse, werewolves turn into large, hyper aggressive wolves during the night of a full moon. They also have no control over their actions and when they turn back into their human form, they seem to have no recollection of their time or actions as a wolf.

Hunted Edit

Not long after wolf-shifters started to appear, humans formed a sect of monster hunters called the Silver Hand, and wolf-shifter deaths started to occur across the world. Desperate for help, Lycaon begged Loki for more power so the wolf-shifters could fight back against the Silver Hand. Loki begrudgingly created werewolves, a much stronger breed that could turn into monstrous, wolf-like beasts at will, as well as control their actions even in beast form. They also have greater strength than a wolf-shifter.

Behavior Edit

Diet Edit

Wolf-Shifters primarily eat meat from humans or animals, but can eat human food in either form.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Shapeshifting: Wolf-Shifters unwillingly transform into a large wolf during a full moon. Unlike Werewolves, they can't control their actions. The shift from man to wolf is depicted as excruciatingly painful, despite later transformations being almost instantaneous due to adapting to their supernatural changes.
  • Enhanced Strength: When transformed, Wolf-Shifters are capable of ripping off limbs, tearing through skin, flesh and even bone with their teeth, and can easily rend stone, wood, and even rip a heart out of a man's chest cavity with their teeth.
  • Enhanced Speed: Wolf-Shifters can run at an accelerated rate. They can easily outrun a car, catch deer, and perform impressive feats of agility.
  • Accelerated Healing: When injured, they can regenerate from injuries that could maim, cripple or kill an ordinary human. Wolf-Shifters have been displayed healing from gunshot wounds, stab wounds, lacerations, and minor burns.
  • Claws & Fangs: Aside from their strength, a Wolf-Shifter also possesses sharp fangs and claws which can be used as lethal weapons in combat. Their teeth are sharp enough to pierce the fat hide of a grizzly bear, as well as shatter bones. Their claws are also sharp enough to cut through flesh like butter.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Wolfsbane: Wolf-Shifters can also be weakened by wolfsbane. Skin-to-skin contact burns them like silver, but more severely. They can consume wolfsbane, but it'll rapidly diminish their strength and make them easier to take down.
  • Broken neck: If a Wolf-Shifter's neck is broken, it will die instantly.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to their connection to the supernatural, Wolf-Shifters can see and converse with ghosts, reapers, demons, and even hellhounds.

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