This is about the brief, but passionate sexual relationship of Sloane Fox and Jamie Sands.

History Edit

Although it's not explained how the two met, it can be assumed that Sloane met Jamie at a bar or some kind of party. She tried to seduce Sloane, but was turned down. Despite this, she gave Sloane her phone number in case she changed her mind.

Some time later, Sloane called Jamie and went to her house. Sloane aggressively slammed her to a wall and initiated an intense make out session. After passionately kissing and rapidly taking off their clothes, Jamie interrupts their moment to admit her surprise at Sloane calling her, as she thought she wasn't into her. Sloane uses magic to compel Jamie to shut up. Jamie complies, forcing a surprise kiss on Sloane, momentarily obtaining dominance until they lay on the bed and have sex.

After having sex with her, Sloane wakes up apparently naked while Jamie is still sleeping. She reveals in a voiceover that she wasn't actually in love with Jamie; she was testing her to see if she was her soulmate. As she wasn't, she snuck out of Jamie's house and never saw her again.

They are played by Kathy DiStefano and Lauren Compton, respectively.

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Sloane kissing Jamie
Sloane X Jamie 2