Leshi are a seemingly endless species of forest dwelling spirits that exists with the sole purpose of protecting forests and its thriving wildlife from deforestation, hunters, and pollution. The only way to scare them off is by wearing your clothes inside out and wearing shoes on opposite feet. If a Leshy catches a person that doesn't do either of these things, it'll take them to its lair, restrain them and literally tickle them to death.

Background Edit

The Leshy was created by an unknown deity (presumedly Persephone), with the purpose of protecting nature, both flora and fauna alike. However, they are extremely prideful, easily being offended by so much as a twig being broken under a man's boot.

Encounters Edit

A Leshy was mentioned in the pilot episode, having been killed by the combined efforts of four hunters and a pack of werewolves allied with them.

A Leshy was seen for the first time in the series in Wolfsbane. This Leshy has been kidnapping women and young children and tickling them to death, gaining more power in the process. Seth, a werewolf, teams up with a group of hunters to kill the Leshy.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Shapeshifting: Leshies can take the form of virtually anything, from a single blade of grass to a large mountain. They can also disguise themselves as humans, but it tires them out and it disgusts them to take the form of a species that they despise.
  • Enhanced strength: Due to being thousands of years old, Leshies possess incredible strength, capable of sending humans flying with a simple backhand and lifting humans, werewolves in wolf form and even succubi off the ground by their throat.
  • Immortality: Leshies can live for thousands, if not millions of years. They don't visibly age due to being spirits, possibly making them the oldest supernatural species next to vampires and succubi.
  • Tickling Expertise: The most bizarre trait of a Leshy is their almost obsessive desire to tickle torture people until they die. They seem to know each of their victim's most ticklish spots, regardless if they tell them or not. It's not specified why they do this to their victims, but it's likely so they drain their life force to gain more power. The tickling is shown to be extremely agonizing to the victim, given that they're tied to a table or bed and tickled beyond any known capacity of mercy. The Leshy also seems to take joy in tickling its victims, refusing to stop, even when the victim begs them to stop and/or offer anything in exchange for their release.

No human or supernatural creature has ever survived a tickle session with a Leshy. Most victims can withstand being tickled from a few minutes to a couple hours before they die either from their life force being drained, or they laugh so hard that they basically choke to death.