Katherine is an antagonist that appears in the series. She is a lesbian that tries to get with Erica and has an equally dark backstory.

She is played by Nina Dobrev.

Throughout the Series Edit

Katherine is a teacher that teaches history at the high school that Seth and Erica go to. Upon seeing Erica with Seth, she becomes infatuated with the blonde Succubus and tries to seduce Erica into sleeping with her.

Bloodties Edit

During a full moon, in which Seth wolfs out and kills a grizzly bear with the aid of a direwolf, Katherine finds Erica in the dungeon and reveals that she's a vampire. She tells Erica that Seth can't take care of her like she can. Erica tells her that she's not interested and Katherine leaves, heartbroken.

In Wolfsbane, Katherine is abducted by a Leshy and tickle tortured for littering. Before she dies from the torture, she is saved by Erica. Katherine is relieved, and kisses Erica on the lips. She asks Erica to not tell Seth about the kiss, which she agrees to.

Death Edit

Katherine meets her end in The Last Dance. At a high school reunion dance, Seth and Erica dance together as Katherine watches in jealousy. She aggressively confronts the two outside after the dance and breaks down in tears, telling Erica that she treats her like a goddess, and yet she rejects her at every turn. Erica begs Katherine to let it go and to find her own lover. Seth starts groaning and its revealed to be a full moon tonight. Erica gets to the roof while Katherine vamp runs into the forest. However, it's too late, as Seth fully transforms, locates Katherine, overpowers her and rips her apart before eating her heart, killing her instantly.

Personality Edit

Katherine is incredibly self serving, manipulative, and very "bratty" as described by many characters. Katherine seemed to treat everyone around her like a slab of meat except Erica and made the excuse of her surviving. She apparently kept this belief up until her death.


Katherine's vampire face

Trivia Edit

  • Initially, Nina Dobrev was hesitant to film lesbian scenes with Gage Golightly, stating that her co-star was "overwhelmingly hot".
  • It's revealed that Katherine enjoys BDSM.