Enhanced Strength is the supernatural ability to exert an inhuman amount of physical force into a punch, kick or throw.

Werewolves, Vampires, Succubi, Wendigoes, Leshies, Wolf-Shifters, Giants and Dragons are species that possess varying degrees of enhanced strength.

Species Edit

Giants Edit

Giants are among the most dangerous monsters due to their large size, capable of crushing a man into the ground merely by stepping on them.

Wolf-Shifters Edit

Despite being essentially a downgrade of the werewolf species, Wolf-shifters are shown to be strong enough to rip a man's arm out of its socket when transformed.

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Werewolves Edit

When transformed, werewolves possess amazing strength, even by monster standards, capable of breaking concrete, stone, wood, and even several types of metals with little to no difficulty.

Vampires Edit

While not as powerful as werewolves when they're transformed, vampires possess remarkable strength, able to knock people around with no problem, lift heavy objects, and even flip large vehicles over.

Leshies Edit

As spirits of nature, a Leahy is very powerful, able to rag doll humans and other supernatural creatures like they're nothing.

Wendigoes Edit

Despite their thin bone structure, Wendigoes are among the strongest of monsters, capable of dismembering humans and animals within a second, carry up to two people up a tree at the same time, and even overpower other species such as angels and kitsune.

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Succubi Edit

While not as powerful as werewolves or vampires, Succubi are tough enough to fight off fully grown men with ease, as well as weaker monsters, like Wolf-Shifters and Pishtaco.