Elizabeth Bathory is an extremely disturbed spirit that appears in Season 4.

Born in the 1600's, Elizabeth was born in Hungary, but moved to Romania with her father and twin sisters after her mother was murdered by famous serial killer Jack the Ripper.

In an attempt to cope with her mother's death, Elizabeth put a curse on herself, enabling her to live forever, even after death. At the age of 39, Elizabeth abducted her twin sisters, dangling them upside down at an abandoned farmhouse. She proceeded to torture them by slowly cutting into their bodies with a sickle before killing them by immolation and bathed in their own blood, believing that it would make her younger and preserve her beauty, which she coveted above all else.

She is played by Eva Green.

Throughout the Series Edit

Blood Letter Edit

Bathory first appears in the episode, torturing a married couple. The husband is strapped to a table while the wife is hanging upside down. Bathory cuts the woman's stomach with a knife when she begs her to let them go, and proceeds to tickle the husband to death as the wife is forced to watch.

After the husband dies from laughter, the wife begs Bathory to spare her, but she laughs, stating that she doesn't need servants and then shoves her claws through the woman's chest, killing her.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bathory 1

Bathory was described as an irresistible and gorgeous woman, with long black hair, a slim, yet voluptuous physique, and stunning green eyes. At her prime, she could have almost any man she wanted.

As a ghost, she looks pretty similar to her human self, except she wears a dress drenched in the blood of her victims, bloodshot eyes, pale skin, and long, needle-like claws.