Dragons are large, flying reptilian creatures that are known for their magical influence in the

supernatural world.

Behavior Edit

Diet Edit

Dragons mainly eat livestock, such as cattle, lambs and pigs, though they have been seen feasting off of humans from time to time.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Flight: Dragons possess large wings that enable them to fly at accelerated speeds. Dragons can also use them as close quarters weapons.
  • Enhanced Strength: Like Giants, Dragons are very large, granting them inhuman strength. They're even able to carry a mammoth and fly at the same time when they reach full maturity.
  • Durability: Due to their armored skin, Dragons are highly resistant to most forms of conventional weaponry, with the exception of Black Arrows.
  • Fire Breath: Dragons are able to shoot an extremely focused stream of fire from their mouths that is hot enough to melt steel and concrete.
  • Immortality: Dragons can live for thousands of years without developing signs of age or debilitation.