Demons are humans who after being tortured in Hell, return as evil creatures bent on turning the

entire world into Demon Central.

Backstory Edit

Lillith Edit

The first demon, Lillith was created sometime after God created his angels. More sadistic than the rest of her brethren, Lillith became obsessed with breaking all 999 seals around Hell so both Lucifer and her could be released and take over Earth.

Lucifer Edit

After his defeat at the hands of God, Lucifer was imprisoned within Hell inside an icy prison, where God intended for him to be trapped forever until the end of time. Lucifer vowed to get out at some point and to get revenge for his imprisonment.

Throughout the Series Edit

Freedom Edit

After Lydia inadvertently releases all 1,000 demons (including Lillith & Sasha), demons started possessing humans to hide from hunters and Angels alike so they could start their plans of chaos.

A demon took possession of Candice Boardman and tried to kill Seth Peterson, as pureblood werewolves were physically stronger than demons, but the demon was exorcised by Diana, a witch and secretly, Seth's sister.

Physical Appearance Edit

Demons appear almost completely human except for their eyes which are different solid colors. These included:

  • Black: Basic soldiers of the Demon Army
  • Red: Demons that make deals with humans
  • White: Original Demon, Lillith
  • Yellow: Unknown rank