Banshees are extremely beautiful women that can predict death via a piercing scream.

Banshees are also able to communicate with the dead.

Backstory Edit

Banshees were created through unknown methods, though it's specified they were created by Hades to notify him of upcoming deaths so he can take the souls of the damned for his own greedy needs.

However, when the Banshees tried to refuse serving him, he killed most of them in a massacre, though a few of them escaped from Hell and took human form to hide from Hades.

Powers Edit

Death Prediction: Banshees are able to predict death, no matter how far away the person is.

Piercing Scream: When death is about to occur, Banshees let out a piercing scream which can kill a human if they're in close proximity to the Banshee, but will only temporalily daze supernatural creatures like werewolves or succubi.

Communicating with the Dead: Due to their magical influence within the supernatural world, Banshees can communicate with the dead, including zombies, reapers and even recently dead monsters.

Enhanced Beauty: Due to being blessed by Persephone, Banshees are described as being incredibly beautiful. While not as promiscuous as Succubi, Banshees are sexually forward at times.

Out of all the Banshees, Lydia was declared the most beautiful and attractive out of the entire species.


Lydia Martin, the most attractive Banshee.

Weaknesses Edit

Mortality: Despite their amazing abilities, Banshees are still very much human. They can die from anything that can kill an ordinary human, from gunshot wounds to blood loss.

Insanity: Due to the stress of constantly being alerted to death, Banshees break down psychologically and can be driven insane. Eichen House is notable for mostly housing Banshees driven mad by their powers.


Lydia hallucinating Seth as he sexually harasses her.